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Executive Summary. Recommendation: Buy from BiNA Office Furniture

Your Next Move: Executive Desk

Who's the Boss? You work hard to keep things running. Make sure your workspace suits your environment. Do you have the desk size you need for your paperwork, or your presentations? What kind of storage or cabinets work best for you? Bring in your sketch or ideas for what you need and we can make it happen for you.

Who's the Boss?

We carry an arsenal of executive desks for all budgets and office space needs. Whether your suiting up a new satellite office, or relocating to a new main location, we're always there for you, every step of the way. Bring in your floor plan or space dimensions, we will work with you to outfit the areas you need most, whether it's your new conference room table, setting up a file storage room, or dressing up a new waiting room with stylish receptionist desk. We can do that too, and more.

We Can Do That. And More

Our website is a very small preview of the kind and quality of products available. From budget cubicles to executive wood office suites, we can do the best job we can do β€” to make your workspace go from bland to beautiful. And within budget!

Visit Us at Our Long Island Showroom

We're here for YOU, New York. And have been for decades. That's why we're proud of our loyal customers and repeat and referal clients. Let us know YOU'RE here, and let us take care of YOU.

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BiNA Office Furniture Storage Solutions Guide

New File Cabinets and Storage Units

Visit Our Huge New York Showroom for Complete Selection and Details on all our Storage Solutions

Call 516-248-5858 or visit our showroom today!

  • lateral file cabinets

    We sell new and used lateral file cabinets in many sizes. Suitable for letter and legal size filing.

    Buy our heavy duty metal file cabinets today. We also carry medical patient and x-ray filing, and solutions for Redwells and other storage needs..

  • traditional file cabinets

    Visit our showroom for selection of elegant traditional file cabinets and office furniture suites.

  • laminate file cabinet

    Complete your office space with our workstation solutions including our matching laminate file cabinets in different finishes.

  • vertical file cabinet

    Order a new metal vertical file for either letter or legal filing. Available in gray, putty or black.

  • hi-density bi-slide storage

    Maximize your file storage area with a high-density sliding track filing system.

  • high density file storageWe can add on more tracks and filing as you grow! Let us know what documents you are storing.
  • High density filing available for different document sizes, unit widths and heights and with or without doors.

  • combination storage unit

    Combination storage unit

  • 4-drawer lateral file cabinet

    Four drawer traditional office legal file cabinet.

  • Under-desk pedestals

  • combination storage unit

    Don't see it? We can do semi-custom storage cabinets too.

  • laminate colors

    or combine several of our standard units to suit your office storage needs.

  • Lateral file cabinet with bookcase upper available in different combinations. Shown here as 2 drawers with 3 shelves.

  • storage unit

    You can cover the bookcase portion with a door too.

  • storage cabinet 15

  • combination storage unit

    More storage cabinet ideas

  • open top lateral

    Cabinet with wardrobe

  • executive storage

    High quality durable laminate storage units for your professional office

  • frosted doors

    Choose frosted doors for modern high-tech appeal.

  • multiple units

    Mix and match frosted doors with solid ones to provide the design and function you seek.

  • combination storage units with doors

    We offer professional fleet setup and installation on all products we sell.

  • storage on wheels

    Bring us your project dimensions, choose your colors, then relax. We do the rest.

  • contemporary

    Contemporary styling for the high-tech office

  • chic and unique

    Visit our showroom for complete selection and information on what you need today.

  • Directions to our NY Showroom for complete selection of storage units for all office furniture needs.

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Why buy Herman Miller used cubicles?

corner desk cubicle

Why Buy Used Herman Miller Cubicles?

You don't have to buy Herman Miller used cubicles, when you can buy our lookalikes NEW for a lot less!

At Bina Office Furniture — You can have have our quality budget office cubicle design in your office.. NEW!


Choose from our in-stock program and get your cubicles quickly and affordably.


Bring in your office floor plan or give us the general space requirements you are working with, we can help you pull together your cubicle office plan quickly and easily.


Choose your fabric colors, file drawers and overhead flipper storage or shelf, and even powered raceways. β€œIt's your office, you can cubicle if you want to!”

Visit Our Showroom

View our floor models and color samples. Select your styles and features. Work with our expert sales team to build the office you need and you can even rely on our own professional fleet installers to deliver and setup your cubicle or office desk layout for you. That's the Bina Office Furniture cubicle program!

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Executive Summary. Recommendation: Buy from BiNA Office Furniture
BiNA Office Furniture Storage Solutions Guide
Why buy Herman Miller used cubicles?

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