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Shopping Tips for Home Office Computer Desk

Using Your Home as Your Office

For many, the home office is just a place to pay the bills and keep the home computer off the kitchen table. For others, however, it's the primary place of business and needs both form and function

BiNA Discount Office Furniture sells many office desks suitable for either home or business use. Visit our Long Island Showroom for complete details on all types of office furniture.

Streamlined Elegance

wood and glass computer desk

Seeking a simple option for a smaller space, a wood and glass computer desk less than 45" long works well for home decor, featuring a slide-out keyboard tray center drawer.

Library Nook Desk

library desk

For an even snugger environment, you may find a library desk to suit your space needs best. You're able to place this as a room divider, and use as a mini-bookcase on the side.


Space tighter still? Or maybe just a laptop's what you've got. Consider a laptop caddy for your office desk.

Curved Office Desk

When function and style are a must, consider a curved workstation giving a smooth break from conventional rectangular desks, yet providing ample workspace on the desktop along with locking drawers and hidden pullout keytray

curved office desk

Browse Online Catalog

We've got plenty in store online for you to review, but for even more, visit our 30,000+ square foot office furniture showroom in Mineola-Garden City, Long Island, NY: BiNA Office Furniture homepage

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Organizing Filing and Storage in your Office

Underdesk File Drawers or Standalone File Cabinets

office storage cabinet

Design a storage system to fit your needs.

The best way to layout your office storage for your home office or business office depends on the kind of work you do, your personal preferences and most importantly, how much available space.

Underdesk filing drawers, known as file pedestals, are very handy for often used documents and items needing quick access. Special sized documents however would need to be stored in other forms of storage units, along with even standard documents in archival storage.

Active Storage or Archival Storage?

Medical and law offices are well familiar with the need to maintain records for indeterminate period of time. At some point just about any document may need to go into archival storage, whether a standard legal file cabinet, or a HIPAA-compliant medical patient file, or even X-ray storage.
HIPAA compliant medical file cabinet

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Curved Front Reception Desk Sale

Cherry or Mahogany Finish

L-Shaped Bow Front Reception DeskGreet your clients in style, with any of our quality reception desks for your waiting room. Choose from various sizes, styles and finishes, we do the rest. Our professional fleet delivery is always ready for you on any of our office furniture products.

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Home Office Furniture Design Tips and Solutions

office workspace design and layout

Home Office Productivity Tips

Your home office workstation is the center of your workplace productivity. You may have special needs that require consideration for best use of your home office workspace. You may need multi-purpose desk or office document storage, shared office space limitations or expectations, and lastly the essence of any office planning is the available usable space for your workflow and requisite office furniture itself.

Home Office Furniture Design

If at home you are looking to blend home and workspace you may find the need for colors or style to suit your decor, yet consider even more important the need for organization and storage of your documents - legal or letter sized filing - office ergonomics, and ultimately how you plan to use your space - for phone calls, writing, computer or laptop use, conference and client meeting space, etc.

Visit BiNA Office Furniture for Complete Home Office Solutions

We often get calls asking if we also carry home office furniture. We do, and always have. BiNA Discount Office Furniture is a leader in office furniture in New York. Visit our Long Island showroom to discuss your office needs, from desk and chair, to complete conference room, office cubicles, and more.

About BiNA:

Long Island Showroom Directions:

BiNA Discount Office Furniture

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Red Hot Summer Savings

Temperatures are Rising.. and Prices are Falling

BiNA Red Hot Summer Sales Specials

At BiNA Office Furniture Showroom, you always get the best deal in town. Visit our one location for the only stop you need to make to shop for quality office furniture for your entire company — from the reception desk and waiting room chairs to the executive board room mahogany conference table and leather chairs. We've got it all here, under one big roof!

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Shopping Tips for Home Office Computer Desk
Organizing Filing and Storage in your Office
Curved Front Reception Desk Sale
Home Office Furniture Design Tips and Solutions
Red Hot Summer Savings

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