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Organizing Filing and Storage in your Office

Underdesk File Drawers or Standalone File Cabinets

office storage cabinet

Design a storage system to fit your needs.

The best way to layout your office storage for your home office or business office depends on the kind of work you do, your personal preferences and most importantly, how much available space.

Underdesk filing drawers, known as file pedestals, are very handy for often used documents and items needing quick access. Special sized documents however would need to be stored in other forms of storage units, along with even standard documents in archival storage.

Active Storage or Archival Storage?

Medical and law offices are well familiar with the need to maintain records for indeterminate period of time. At some point just about any document may need to go into archival storage, whether a standard legal file cabinet, or a HIPAA-compliant medical patient file, or even X-ray storage.
HIPAA compliant medical file cabinet

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BiNA Discount Office Furniture Online: Organizing Filing and Storage in your Office

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