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Need More Medical Patient File Storage?

Medical Filing Cabinet Sale

Looking for great value in your medical practice? Store your patient files in HIPAA-compliant style with the right-sized medical filing cabinet for your practice needs.

Medical Patient Filing Cabinets

medical file cabinet

Feast Your ICD9’s on This Deal

Just tell us your available file storage space or expansion needs, we can design and build it for you - whether starting out with a single 6- or 7-tier cabinet, or expanding your practice into sliding-file medical storage, BiNA Office Furniture can do it for you, just as we've done for decades all over New York metro and Long Island regions.

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You Are Where You Work

Your Office is Your Castle

Furnish your office with our value-ready selection of desks, chairs, conference tables, reception desks and more. You don't need to live at Versaille to afford our quality discount office furniture deals! Bring in a floor plan to guide us in outfitting your space for best possible use and flow. Bring in your ideas for what you need to accomplish and by when. We'll figure out the details for you, you just need to wave your hand and the pumpkin becomes a chariot of gold.

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Need More Medical Patient File Storage?
You Are Where You Work

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