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Esquire Bookcase for your Law Library

Bookcases & Bookshelves

Examples of bookcases to inspire you; Visit our Long Island New York Showroom for complete selection and details. We carry high quality laminate and wood bookcases for your home office or business library.
Call 516-248-5966 or visit our huge office furniture showroom today!
We carry a wide assortment of bookcases and shelving for your office, including wall hanging units, steel shelving, wood bookshelves and more. Choose your style and color preference, to match existing decor or build a new ensemble today.
  • executive office bookcase
    Traditional Styled Bookcase Hutch and Lateral File Cabinet.
    Traditional styling is a timeless classic, with brass handles and subtle trim for a very elegant look. Visit our showroom for our display of traditional office furniture for your home or business workplace.
  • bookshelf optionsAssemble an array of bookshelves with or without doors for a visually appealing line-up, along with the facility for closed storage below.
  • traditional bookcase and file storageExecutive elegance is achieved with glass doors adorning the bookcase. Not available on all styles, yet surely a elegant touch when you want to make that statement, or to keep your treasured collection dust-free.
  • budget bookcasesMeasure your office space to know what size shelving works best for your space. Watch for windows and radiators, and also consider the weight of the books, and if you want a solid or masonite back.
  • wood veneer bookcasesWood veneer bookcases available in different finishes, with or without trim kit, or optional door kit.
  • luxury bookcaseVisit our showroom for more ideas and space planning for your library. We also carry shelving units and high-density filing for bulk volume of documents, case files and HIPAA patient files.
  • bookshelvesStandard bookcases available in different heights and colors

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Best Office Furniture Practices

Best Office Furniture Practices

Most of us spend a lot if time in the office. Our industry requires we visit many offices spaces. We have been selling new quality office furniture to all of New York for over 40 years. So, we're always looking at what others do and what has performed best in the long run. Of course, every business and office has different needs and different clients. Image is important, yet so is function. Though as the economy changes, some rules persist and are perhaps immutable. Here is one list of simple rules that work for most businesses, and also additional office design ideas that help too:

First Impressions

Your clients and customers see your reception area first. Having suitable waiting room chairs not ragged or broken seats tells visitors how you think of them. A formal yet unimposing reception desk commands authority without belittling your guests.

Conference Rooms

Your conference room is often the most important point for strategic selling if not for internal business meetings. Your VIP guests will note cheap chairs over sturdier models & guide your reputation from their memory of their visit.

Buy the largest table that will fit in the room, and the number of chairs is easy to calculate:

Don't overcrowd your conference table. Nobody wants to feel the odd chair out.

Conference Room Storage Cabinet

Whether a buffet for refreshments or an IT cabinet for presentation equipment, or even just to store stock materials such as papers and pens for meetings, the conference room service cabinet is the butler to your Bruce Wayne meetings.

Custom Furniture

Often times an office space will have a post or curved walls or other residual components that must be tolerated if not mitigated to a more useful end. With custom office furniture solutions, you can order a table or desk cut to suit irregular spacing and utilize underused office space for a copy room table or file cabinet storage room.

Also consider placing office partitions or fabric cubicle walls to cordon off areas or to guide traffic away from unsightly or utility-based office spaces.

Save Money on Cubicles

Building out a large room with cubicles makes sense when you're occupying an open space and needing parallel office spaces for banks of employees, though some do like them for their homogeneous feel in smaller spaces. Additionally, cubicles provide optional power and data connections for tighter office appeal. Noone wants to see extension cords everywhere.

Alternatives are to buy L-shaped workstation desks and divide them with freestanding panels, or simply to outfit each desk or return with a full-sized desk hutch between workstation units. The main advantage is furniture is much easier to relocate within or outside an office building and also do not require a professional installer to configure for you.

Matching Office Furniture

It's not required all your pieces match or need be of similar style, color or even size. What does matter is if you plan on extending a series, it's good to work with a business that's been around a long time and will be there for you the next time you need to expand or re-fit your business furniture or home office space.

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Buy Your Next Reception Desk from BiNA. Here's Why

Reception Desks and Waiting Room Furniture

Shop BiNA Office Furniture Showroom for Huge Selection of Reception Desks and Waiting Room chairs &tables

72W reception desk
As the saying goes, you only get once chance to make a first impression. Your clients, customers or patients will quite often only spend time in your waiting room before they even meet you. Give yourself that best-dressed look and make your guests feel comfortable as they are here to visit and meet you and your staff.

Choose Size & Color of Reception Desk

Visit our showroom for a complete review of our reception desks and waiting room furniture, including coffee and end tables, matching guest chairs, magazine racks and more.

Size Matters

What size is your waiting room area? Please let us know the area you're looking to utilize for your waiting room or reception desk. We'll then be able to help you make a prompt selection of best options for your space and office purpose.

You don't have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks.

View our quality selection and choose the right look and style for your space. We're able to recommend for every office budget and business type.

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File Cabinets, Storage & Bookcases

File Cabinets, Storage & Bookcases

Find the Best Office Furniture Bargains at BiNA

  • file cabinetsOffice Filing Cabinets and Storage Units

    We carry a range of file cabinets and storage units for your office documents and important items. Choose from lateral file cabinets to vertical filing, as well as high-density filing solutions for your medical office HIPAA patient files, or legal practice document Redwellfolders.

  • Visit BiNA showroom for complete selection and information

  • Tell Us What You're Wanting to Store &
    How Much Floor Space You Have To Store It!

  • bookcasesBookcases and Bookshelves

    Bookshelves for your office are an inevitable essential item. Select one to match your executive suite, or buy a basic one to provide shelf storage. Durable laminate shelves provide easy access to your personal or professional library. Wood bookshelves provide the added elegance to suit your style and decor. Glass or wood doors are available on some units to provide additional design and functionality.

  • Also available:

Tell Us What You're Wanting to Store
How Much Floor Space You Have To Store It!

Browse more File Cabinets & Bookshelves

Call Now 516-248-5858

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Shopper's Guide to Buying Office Desks

Desks and Workstations

BiNA Office Essentials for Your Business Suite or Home Office

l-shape desk

What Shape is Your Desk?

Office Desks come in all shapes and sizes. That's because we all work differently and want our desk to serve many different roles in our business. Likewise for any desk family, there are different varieties that alter the style and offer additional utility to the workspace.

L-Shape Desk

One of our most popular styles is the L-Shape Desk, which as the name indicates, forms and L shape with the desk and the return, which can be either on the left or right side. Thus you have a left or right L-shape desk. Both the desk and return can be in different widths and depths, so it's best to know your available floor space to ensure maximum use of your work area.

U-Shape Workstation

u-shape desk

The U-Shape Desk is in essence an extended L desk with another worksurface. It can also be viewed as a desk and credenza with a connecting bridge forming the base of the U. This style is very popular due to this very fact — as it simply provides additional desktop working space to a conventional office desk and credenza arrangement.

Computer Desks

The incursion of personal computers into the home gave rise to the computer desk in home offices, with a myriad of alien styling attempting to give a high-tech look, but we find today, most home offices are seeking a more legitimate office desk solution and are favoring more standard home office furniture.

Visit BiNA Office Furniture Showroom

For a complete selection of office furniture in New York, you can't beat our showroom. It's the most complete office furniture showroom in Long Island, and our experienced sales team can quickly and easily help you choose the right desk for your business, budget and available office space.

Help Us Help You

Shopper Tips:

  • DO measure the available area in each room
  • DO note location of windows, outlets, radiators, etc.
  • DO consider how much storage you need, for filing cabinets, bookcases, work materials, etc.
  • DO bring your notes with you, we'll get you just what you needed!
computer desk

It's that simple!

Browse Workstations, Desks, Hutches, Wall Hutch, Bookcase Hutch, CPU Holder, Keyboard Tray and more at our huge 30,000 square foot office furniture showroom.

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How To Arrange Your Office Furniture

Setting Up Your Office Furniture

Having a clear workspace is essential in planning our your office furniture location. Get a tape measure and check out all the angles. Watch out for mouldings, radiators, windows, pipes and other detractions from what may appear visually to be a linear room. Measure all walls: some rooms may even have sloping or angular walls.
contemporary sofa love seat

Office Furniture Purpose

Determine what purpose the space the office furniture occupies has and the purpose of each piece of office furniture. This will have an effect on how space might be divided up and furniture arranged. Some furniture may not belong in a given space.
  • Primary Conversation Area:

    • 8-12 feet in diameter is ideal
    • Seats 4-6 people
  • Secondary Conversation Area:

    • Seating for just 1-3 people
  • Conference Area:

    • Allow 3 feet from the table edge for the person to be seated at the table and room behind for traffic.
    • Each person is allowed a minimum of 24 inches of seating room at the table.

Measure Your Office Space

Measure the room and write down its dimensions. Do the same for your furniture. Make a flat scale drawing of the room using graph paper as if seen from above. (EXAMPLE: 1 little square represents one quarter of a square foot [3"] and four of those equal one square foot.) You may want to shade the floor close to what is already there (beige if the carpet is beige) if there is a need to coordinate colors -just make sure you can see the lines on your graph paper.

Draw Out Room: Make a Floor Plan

Draw flat scale drawings of your furniture as if seen from above. Don't get too detailed. At the very least you need the size and shape in relation to the room; Color the piece if you think it's important and then label it.
executive office

Space Planning Design Guidelines

Consider the following traffic flow / spacing guidelines:
  • Spaces that need 36"-72" (3' to 6') clearance:

    • Hallways
    • In front of closets, file cabinets, and storage cabinets.
    • Any route where two people might pass each other
    • In front of counter or utility areas, e.g. photocopier, computer printer, fax machine.
    • From the edge of a conference room table to a wall or stationary object.
    • 4' or more for stairways.
  • Spaces that need 18"-48" (1.5' to 4') clearance:

    • Between sofas & coffee tables
    • 30" in routes where only one person will walk such as around private desk or through private doorways.
    • There should be at least 30" of clearance in front of utility areas.

Configure Office or Room

Take your scale drawing of the room's floor plan and rearrange the scale drawn pieces of furniture on it until you see a configuration you like and think works best for the space and furniture's purposes and traffic flow. Tape the pieces down with small pieces of tape (so that you can easily move them if you change your mind) and begin preparing to move your furniture into that configuration.

Moving Furniture

You have two options for moving the furniture:
  • Move everything out of the room
  • Move pieces little by little.

Options in Setting Up Your Office

Regardless of your above choice the following steps are applicable:
  • Move the first piece to where you want it to go, and keep going from there.
  • Move all the things outside your door back into your room.
wood desk

Office Furniture Design Tips

  • Clean the room before you move the furniture.
  • Decide whether or not the furniture in the room should be kept. It should serve the room's purpose and be on the scale of the room -a small room should have small pieces of furniture and large room should have large pieces. If a large room cannot be filled with large pieces of furniture, divide the space up using the smaller pieces of furniture available arranged around / anchored by an area rug.
  • Use a computer application such as Visio to help draw up your scale drawings.
  • Area rugs not only work to bring color, texture and interest to a room but work as traffic flow guides and indications of transition from one area to another. Arrange furniture around or on top of area rugs. (A coffee table would be placed on top of an area rug, for example, and furniture arranged around that.)
  • Clean the furniture before moving it back in place. It may be a long time before you bother to move that piece again for thorough cleaning.
  • Vacuum or clean the floor afterwards.
  • If you have wooden floors, put a piece of old carpet or a rag under each leg before you move an item of furniture; it will slide more easily and won't scratch the floor. Leave it there after you have finished to avoid damaging the floor.
  • If you are moving pieces on carpet consider moving pads or placing pieces of cardboard or wood on the floor so that furniture slides more easily.
computer workstation

Use Caution in Moving Office Furniture

  • Do not move furniture in a messy room!
  • Be careful and do not move anything that is too heavy for you!
office furniture delivery and setup

Tip: Use BiNA Office Furniture's professional fleet delivery to make setup a snap!

This article provided as a public service. We are not responsible for its contents or your results. Article adapted from wikiHow

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How To Draw A Floor Plan to Scale

Office Floor Plan Space Planning

Quite often people visit us and haven't yet considered the most important aspect in buying office furniture — will this desk fit into my office? How many chairs or desks I fit into a room? How many people can work in this office space?

Fortunately, at BiNA Office Furniture, we have all the answers! Just come in with a general idea of your available space and we can do the rest.
But if you're a do-it-yourself type, these steps below can serve as a simple guide to making your own office space plan.

Let us know, how it works for you!

office floorplan
Draw a floor plan to scale for any room. Use cut out pieces of furniture at the same scale to plan various furniture layouts for the room. Decide on a layout before moving heavy pieces of furniture. Take the plan when shopping. The store design associate will help you decide on a new arrangement for furniture or counters.

How to Draw a Floor Plan

  1. Use a graph pad where each square on the paper equals one quarter of an inch (four squares equal one inch) or create your own grid of equal squares on a blank sheet of paper
  2. Imagine each square represents one foot (12 inches)
  3. Measure the length of one wall with the tape measure
  4. Draw a line on the graph paper to represent this length of wall by counting the squares. For example: The wall is eight feet six inches long. Count out eight and a half squares.
  5. Measure the length of each wall around the room
  6. Measure the length of each door and window opening (without frames) from the corner of the closest wall and add to the drawing
  7. Draw windows as double lines and doors with a line and an arc
  8. Measure the length and widths of all built in fixtures such as counters and add to your plan
  9. Measure the length and width of each piece of furniture for this room with the tape measure
  10. Draw the furniture on another sheet of graph paper - the squares represent 12 inches
  11. Cut out the individual pieces of furniture with scissors
  12. Glue or tape the cut outs onto a piece of cardboard for weight
  13. Move the cut out furniture around on your plan to decide on a suitable arrangement


Did You Know: Most Office Furniture we sell is FACTORY assembled, so NO work for you!

Graph paper, tape measure, pencil, scissors, cardboard, glue stick or tape

No Need to Do it Yourself

Visit BiNA Office Furniture, we can help you with your space planning needs


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Esquire Bookcase for your Law Library
Best Office Furniture Practices
Buy Your Next Reception Desk from BiNA. Here's Why
File Cabinets, Storage & Bookcases
Shopper's Guide to Buying Office Desks
How To Arrange Your Office Furniture
How To Draw A Floor Plan to Scale

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