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Best Office Furniture Practices

Best Office Furniture Practices

Most of us spend a lot if time in the office. Our industry requires we visit many offices spaces. We have been selling new quality office furniture to all of New York for over 40 years. So, we're always looking at what others do and what has performed best in the long run. Of course, every business and office has different needs and different clients. Image is important, yet so is function. Though as the economy changes, some rules persist and are perhaps immutable. Here is one list of simple rules that work for most businesses, and also additional office design ideas that help too:

First Impressions

Your clients and customers see your reception area first. Having suitable waiting room chairs not ragged or broken seats tells visitors how you think of them. A formal yet unimposing reception desk commands authority without belittling your guests.

Conference Rooms

Your conference room is often the most important point for strategic selling if not for internal business meetings. Your VIP guests will note cheap chairs over sturdier models & guide your reputation from their memory of their visit.

Buy the largest table that will fit in the room, and the number of chairs is easy to calculate:

Don't overcrowd your conference table. Nobody wants to feel the odd chair out.

Conference Room Storage Cabinet

Whether a buffet for refreshments or an IT cabinet for presentation equipment, or even just to store stock materials such as papers and pens for meetings, the conference room service cabinet is the butler to your Bruce Wayne meetings.

Custom Furniture

Often times an office space will have a post or curved walls or other residual components that must be tolerated if not mitigated to a more useful end. With custom office furniture solutions, you can order a table or desk cut to suit irregular spacing and utilize underused office space for a copy room table or file cabinet storage room.

Also consider placing office partitions or fabric cubicle walls to cordon off areas or to guide traffic away from unsightly or utility-based office spaces.

Save Money on Cubicles

Building out a large room with cubicles makes sense when you're occupying an open space and needing parallel office spaces for banks of employees, though some do like them for their homogeneous feel in smaller spaces. Additionally, cubicles provide optional power and data connections for tighter office appeal. Noone wants to see extension cords everywhere.

Alternatives are to buy L-shaped workstation desks and divide them with freestanding panels, or simply to outfit each desk or return with a full-sized desk hutch between workstation units. The main advantage is furniture is much easier to relocate within or outside an office building and also do not require a professional installer to configure for you.

Matching Office Furniture

It's not required all your pieces match or need be of similar style, color or even size. What does matter is if you plan on extending a series, it's good to work with a business that's been around a long time and will be there for you the next time you need to expand or re-fit your business furniture or home office space.

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