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Why Ergonomic Chairs Are Good for Your Business

Buying ergonomic chairs for your employees is becoming standard, as most people spend a majority of their week at work, logging many hours in front of a computer. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair can lead to neck and back strain, poor productivity, low morale and even medical problems. That's why many businesses choose to provide their office workers with ergonomic chairs that can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic pain.

An ergonomic chair allows the user to adjust the seat height to a comfortable position and provides back support. It may also allow the arm height to be adjusted. If it has wheels, the user can move the chair to a comfortable distance from the desk. Many other unique ergonomic options may be available due to your ergonomic seating selection.  

The following are some excellent reasons why you should buy ergonomic executive chairs for your office:

  1. It is more cost effective to your business to buy ergonomic chairs to prevent chronic medical problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or back strain than it is to pay for the employees' medical problems should they arise from an ill-fitting chair.
  2. You can prevent your company from losing money on medical costs or low productivity due to employees experiencing pain on the job caused by inadequate or poor quality office furniture.
  3. You reduce the risk of employee injuries, chronic pain, and paying higher costs in medical insurance workers compensation.
  4. Employees will be more productive if they are comfortable in their work space. They will be happier knowing that the company cares for and addresses their individual needs, which can also help you retain good employees.

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Office Furniture Buying Tips

The average person may not know what facts to consider when choosing the perfect office furniture for their office. The truth is, your office furniture decisions are far more important than you may realize. Keep these general office furniture buying tips in mind when you're ready to make your purchase to avoid buyer's remorse.

People respond to the aesthetics of your furniture. This means visitors to your office as well as employees. If your office furniture's appearance leaves something to be desired, then your employees may not work to their own potential. If you choose office furniture that looks impressive, however, it can boost morale, and make employees feel a sense of importance and respond positively.

Remember that your company's CEO, managers, supervisors, etc. should have furniture that shows this distinction. The furniture should have a more serious appearance than furniture for subordinates, and it will command respect from all who visit their work area or office.

Buying the cheapest furniture without regard to quality isn't the best idea. Pay close attention to how the furniture is constructed and find out if the company offers any guarantees.Cheap, shoddy construction could lead to having to replace your office furniture after just a few years.

When visiting an office furniture showroom, have your office measurements and/or blueprints ready so you can get appropriate help with making an accurate purchase on your office furniture. The furniture should be specified to fit your work space in order to be effective.

Don't buy your office furniture online when you can visit our showroom, see what you're buying and receive professional design assistance to ensure you're making the right purchase. Visit BiNA Discount Office Furniture today!

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How to Select Your Office Furniture

Searching for your office furniture and don't know where to start? It can seem overwhelming at first, especially when faced with so many choices. You want to make an informed decision and you want to find furniture that will improve your efficiency. By following these tips, you can get a jump start on the whole office furniture buying process.

Space planning
You don't have to be a professional interior designer to plan your office space -- you just need to do a little homework. You will need to know the measurements (length and width) of your office or work area, and have a general idea of traffic patterns and what types of work functions will take place in the space. Knowing these specifications will determine what office furniture will work in your office space.

Fit and function
You don't just want any kind of office furniture -- you want your office furniture to work for you. That means the right office furnishings that fit in the work space and fit you comfortably. Desk height, chair height and chair ergonomics are very important. You spend many hours at work each week, so finding office furniture that is suited to your needs helps you get your job done -- with maximum efficiency and without strain.

At BiNA Discount Office Furniture, we have a wide variety of stylish office furniture that can be customized to your needs, including size, height, finish, ergonomics and more. We will also handle the space planning for you. Find high quality office furniture at prices up to 75% off in our Long Island showroom today!

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See Our Complete Office Furniture Selections

BiNA Discount Office Furniture's 30,000 sq. ft. showroom on Long Island has a complete offering of office furniture, with everything you could ever dream of. From conference tables and executive chairs to reception and executive desks, we have it all.

Save up to 75% on your office furniture selections when you shop BiNA. Find discounts every day!

Customize your office furniture pieces

Office planning design support provided

Shop major brands and furniture makers

Huge inventory and styles to choose from

Professional delivery and installation available to NYC Metro

Best values your money can buy on office furniture!

Visit our showroom today to see our complete inventory of quality office furniture that won't cost you a fortune.

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The Best Deals on Conference Room Furniture

Get every item you need to furnish your conference room and find the very best value for your money right here at BiNA Discount Office Furniture.

Find quality name brands of stylish conference tables and executive chairs in our Long Island showroom. Numerous options on table bases, size, shape, finish, etc. available!

Need accent furniture or presentation equipment? We've got that and more at BiNA. We have one of the largest collections of office furniture in New York, and we'll save you as much as 75%

Need design assistance?
Our design experts are ready to help you select the right furniture and help you with custom design options, too.

Need delivery? No problem. We have our own professional fleet of trucks waiting to deliver your office furniture. We'll also install everything for you.

Need a reason NOT to visit our showroom? We can handle all the details for you. Coming into our showroom is the first step to furnishing and setting up your dream conference room.

Visit the BiNA Discount Office Furniture showroom today!

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Lowest Prices Around on Office Furniture

Shopping around NYC for rock-bottom prices on quality office furniture? Give BiNA Discount Office Furniture a look. Our gorgeous showroom boasts 30,000 square feet of many high quality office furniture selections at great values.

Search our great variety on office furniture and you can save up to 75%!

We'll furnish your entire office, no matter how large or small. BiNA Discount Office Furniture will certainly have something "in store" for you!

Check out the latest in office furniture for your reception area, waiting area, conference/board room, private office, work space, home office and more. We carry ALL types of office furnishings by various top brands at excellent bargains.

What are you waiting for? Visit BiNA today to see our entire selection and to get your office furniture deals!

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