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Why Laminate Furniture May Be Right for You

Many people when buying office furniture may think that solid wood may be a better choice vs. laminate or veneer office furniture, but there's a lot you need to know about laminate before you make your decision.

First, although real wood is desirable to many people and looks high quality, real wood can warp and become damaged over time after lots of abuse if it isn't properly cared for. Laminate and veneer, however, are engineered to withstand a lot of wear and tear, and may be a better option in an office environment. Laminate also typically has a more modern appearance, which is something you may want to consider when you choose which surface you want for your office. Don't confuse veneer or laminate for "lower quality," as a quality veneers and laminates can hold up and still look good for many years to come.

At BiNA Discount Office Furniture, we have a wide selection of laminate and veneer office furniture in many styles, but we also offer many different finishes to match your office style. You can click here to see a sampling of BiNA's color selections in laminate and wood grain laminate finishes.

Visit us at our showroom to see our complete array of office furniture and save up to 75% on your selections. Find the office furniture you need for your reception area, waiting room, conference room, executive office and more at BiNA. Many customizable options are available to match your style!

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BiNA Discount Office Furniture Online: Why Laminate Furniture May Be Right for You

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