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Conference Furniture Checklist

There are certain key pieces that virtually every conference room is going to need. Here we explain the ins and outs of conference room furniture. Take a look at our conference/board room furniture checklist to be sure you have everything you need.
1. Conference table: This is the most important (and obvious) furniture piece. It will be the focal point of your board room. It's the one piece that absolutely must look professional and offer all the functions and benefits. A conference table's appearance can make or break your conference room.

It should have more than enough room for your typical business meetings in order to accommodate any extra visitors or for adding employees at a later date. It should also enable you to accomplish whatever tasks you need to do in the conference room, such as providing outlets for laptops and other media.  

Your conference table options: Size, shape, base, style, finish and electronic outlets  

2. Executive chairs: Executive chairs at your conference table are also a given. The same thing applies as with the conference table -- you should always have more than you will typically need. Imagine not having enough seating available in important meeting. It also gives you room to grow in the future.

Executive chairs should offer ergonomic options and having different types of chairs can be helpful to accommodate different employees' and guests' sizes preferences and needs. 

Your executive chair options: Color, fabric, style, seat height adjustability, arm rest height adjustability

3. Storage:
This is a highly overlooked necessity, but conference rooms also need storage. This can be in the form of lateral filing cabinets, bookcases or extra side tables, but you need something to keep your files, books, audio/visual equipment and other meeting necessities in. You may also need the horizontal surface as an impromptu task area such as collating.

Your storage options:
Height, width, number of shelves or drawers, adjustable shelves, locking cabinets, safety features, finish, color.

4. Presentation equipment:
You may also need presentation equipment in order to do PowerPoints and more. Having an up-to-date and professional looking setup is mandatory in today's office environment.

The types of displays, TVs, etc. you purchase depends on what your typical uses are during your business meetings. Have these factors in mind when picking out your equipment.

Find everything you're looking for and more in conference/board room furniture at Bina Discount Office Furniture, where you can also find quality furniture for every other aspect of your office.

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