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Hurricane Relief?

Easy Answers to Getting Your Office Back On-Line

Getting your office back on its feet is something we've also been dealing with. Our phone lines are still unreliable, and like most of Long Island, struggling to overcome power outages have been the most daunting challenge.

Buy or Rent Office Furniture Today

Today someone earnestly asked if lower Manhattan got its name because it was below sea level. It's no joke that we've been hit hard by hurricane Sandy, yet we can't lose our sense of humor about it either. Thank goodness the storm is already yesterday's news, even if today's homes and businesses are literally bailing out basements and tunnels.

We understand that buying new office furniture isn't the best option for many businesses under water at the moment; we're here to remind you we can rent office furniture to your company as soon as you're able to launch back onto dry land.

Engineer Your Own Electoral Victory

The best things in life are free. Free chair assembly has always been our policy here at BiNA, and now more than ever, we know you need every free hand you can get.

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